Monday, May 29, 2006

Stop Your Moaning!

Thank Christ that's over. The bank holidays are always a very fraught period for me, while most of the population are sunning themselves and getting drunk at lunch time I'm forced to cook them food. It was all meant to be different this year, I was supposed to have left all this behind me, but the weight of my overdraft was hanging around my neck so once again I had to step into the breach and work in Cafe Sol. However, all is not lost, as I've survived this bank holiday it means I can cope with anything, so roll on the summer.

The title of this post however has nothing to do with the bank holiday, it instead refers to those university lecturers who feel that there work is going unrecognized and therefore deserve more money. Well, I've got news for you, you bunch of work shy intellectuals, you do fuck all in the grand scheme of things (Apart from Rob Miles, the only lecturer whoever seemed to give a damn). You don't give a shit about your course or your students, all you care about is your money making research. This is just another example of the unions getting greedy, obviously they think that the plight of the British car industry in the 70's was just an anomaly. If anyone, wonders why I'm feeling like this then come with me to a day of lectures at Hull University, where you'll experience not a lot of engineering but a lot of bureaucratic bullshit. So, come on Tony don't give into those money grabbing bastards, give them the sack if you have to, they won't be hard to replace. Actually, that's an idea Tony, while Gordon's in Africa while why don't you tell him to pick up a few chimps, put them in a suit and you've got more than enough to teach a University degree.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger MattJ said...

What really fucks me off about this is once again the NUS has thrown its weight behind an issue that is enormously unpopular with its members. It purports to speak for students but basically agrees with anythign the Teacher's Unions say. In this case, lecturers are fucking up people's lives. They are actively preventing students from graduating, in many cases from even sitting their finals.

I disagree with a lot of your post, for the most part i found my lecturers pretty approachable and interested. Rob Miles is a quality lecturer though ;) But this pay dispute issue is an example of how they are assuming the 'working man'will be behind them just because they are a union, no matter how extreme and inconsiderate their proposed action.

in conclusion they should be sacked/docked in pay. There should be measures in place to stop employers fucking their employees but equally the employees shouldn't be able to hold employers to ransom, especially when there are such drastic knock-on effects.

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous andy easton said...


keith attenborough deserves a rise paddy, remember his revision lectures? pure gold, so muche help, almost like cheating really


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Paddy Duncan said...

Okay maybe, I was being a bit over the top. I think I might have become a bit disillusioned with Uni in general, three years is a long time, especially when you know you've still got one more year to go.


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